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Software Update: PatchFusion 2.6.4
2013-06-19 12:14:22

Hey look, there's a new update for PatchFusion! :D This edition was sponsored by Benzen, who commissioned me to add tools for patch archive management. The new version can move objects from the source grid and save it again. It also now offers a duplicate removal tool where all duplicate objects are removed from the destination. Extremely useful if you've been collecting patches for a while but have several sets or versions of the same thing!
To top the whole thing off, there's even a completely brand new, custom icon created by Disconcerting. What's not to like?

"One-Way Ticket"
+-Completely new custom icon by Disconcerting!
+-"Move" is back, although only for full objects. Intended for use with large patch reorganization!
+-Ability to save the Source grid to its loaded filename.
+-Save Source offers to delete the Source file if the grid is completely empty.
+-Duplicate Removal tool!
m-Refactored internals somewhat to be more flexible.

Get the updated PatchFusion now!

(1 - 1 of 216)