Last updated: 01-26-2008

Here's where a bunch of random (and some not-so-random) links that I like. Some are useful, some are friends' sites, some may be just plain fun, and others may just be straight out insane. Consider yourself warned. :-P

The Links (In No Particular Order)

NE1.Net - Free URL Redirection!

Furcadia - A fun online social game. I can be found on there quite often, most of the time..

Brink Zarton's Homepage - A friend. :-)

Hopes' Page - The owner of and kind host of this website. ^.^

Animusic - Digital music with 3D animation. Just plain awesome.

- Burning Pixel Productions, the site of Tobia Hawklyn! She creates full posters, as well as furcadia portraits. She's got quite a few, and you can even preview them on the fly in your own colors, thanks to a script I created. :-) - Aiming to be a one-stop shop for patches, tutorials, and software, check them out! (Dead?)

Storm-Artists.Net - A site for artists to display their work, much like DeviantArt.

Rubeh's DeviantArt - A friend's DeviantArt site. She kindly did a portrait for Lothus, and I thank her very much for that! :-)

Entwined Studios - The website of a friend of mine. ^.^

What's That, Furcadia? - A blog website keeping track on Furcadian events.