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Not actually dead!
2016-02-11 17:13:46

I'm still around, but lately work and classes have taken a lot of my time, so I haven't really been able to work on these projects. The whole site still needs an overhaul... Maybe over the summer. I know I'd like to. The site is still being updated, just mostly the map for my semi-private Minecraft server I and a couple of friends build on.

Also, I AM currently intending to update Fusion for the new formats, at least for basic functionality. This heavily depends on whether or not I can get format documentation though, and if none are released it just isn't going to happen. I don't have the time to reverse-engineer it right now, or for the foreseeable future. If things go that way the wip version will be released on github in case someone else wants to pick it up. The only reason I hadn't released the source for the last few versions is that it had a lot of work for the now-deprecated "upcoming" formats that were never used. Yay. e.e

That's most of it, I think. Contacting me should still get a response if there's an actual question. :-P

Dragonspeak Constructor, now official!
2013-12-03 20:38:04

As of today, contracts have been finalized and DSC should soon be part of the official Furc package! The version here will be updated after their release (whenever that is; don't ask me, I don't know either and wouldn't be able to tell if I did) so as not to steal their thunder. ;) I will continue development and releases here on my own as the need arises. But it's great news, either way! :D

Software Update: MapReplace
2013-07-31 19:37:24

Got a few bugfixes here... console redirection in the GUI tool is now fixed; previously, a verbose-mode conversion would often just halt with no error message. Also, the main CLI tool itself has had some number display errors fixed.

Mapreplace can be found over at the Furcadia Tools page!

Software Update: PatchFusion 2.6.4
2013-06-19 12:14:22

Hey look, there's a new update for PatchFusion! :D This edition was sponsored by Benzen, who commissioned me to add tools for patch archive management. The new version can move objects from the source grid and save it again. It also now offers a duplicate removal tool where all duplicate objects are removed from the destination. Extremely useful if you've been collecting patches for a while but have several sets or versions of the same thing!
To top the whole thing off, there's even a completely brand new, custom icon created by Disconcerting. What's not to like?

"One-Way Ticket"
+-Completely new custom icon by Disconcerting!
+-"Move" is back, although only for full objects. Intended for use with large patch reorganization!
+-Ability to save the Source grid to its loaded filename.
+-Save Source offers to delete the Source file if the grid is completely empty.
+-Duplicate Removal tool!
m-Refactored internals somewhat to be more flexible.

Get the updated PatchFusion now!

New Software: MapReplace
2013-06-14 11:44:15

MapReplace takes a map and allows you to replace a given object/floor - or series of objects/floors - with another series of objects/floors. They can be replaced sequentially or randomly, which means that you can, for instance, fill an area with a start tile, then replace them all at random instead of by hand. It's a console application, but includes a GUI frontend for easier usage. In its current state, it's somewhat like ReMapper but with far better range support.

Additionally, MapReplace is a bit of a special case. It was commissioned by Arden with the express intent of being released publicly as open source! As it's being released under the MPL2 with full Delphi source code, if you're a programmer you can do pretty much anything with it. Make sure to read the license, though. There's a complete map-reading/writing library in there, too.

MapReplace is available in Furcadia Projects!

I'm not dead! Really!
2013-05-13 17:34:48

There's just been a lot going on in my life at the moment. There's a few new things in the works, including a commandline map replacement tool that includes full source, licensed under the MPLv2 for whatever use people can think of for it.
There's also a couple of features coming to PatchFusion soon, but they'll probably be around a month away, considering bugtesting, finals week, and the trip we've been planning for months. Looking forwards to having that all done and released! :)

Software Update: PatchFusion 2.6.3
2013-01-13 23:42:15

Thanks to Sync, I found a rather nasty bug in the GIF exporter. It appears to be part of the library I was using for actual GIF saving/building, so... well. A quick reversion to an alternate edition of the library seems to have fixed it.

Get PatchFusion 2.6.3!

==V2.6.3 Changelog==
"I'm sorry, Dave."
+-Checks for potential lost data when saving as FSH, warning you.
f-Fixed glitched GIF export with library shift.
m-Removed a couple of debugging statements that got left in by accident.
m-Changed back to an older version of the GIF library due to a bug in the provided version.

Yeah, I know it's been slow. :(
2012-11-08 21:30:34

Sorry about that! I've still got some things I'm working on here and there - including some (mostly minor) updates to release later on. Hopefully soon. college sort of does that to you... it takes up a lot of time. Still, it's for a good cause. :P

Truthfully, I'd like to overhaul Fusion a bit and integrate an expanded Prismaticator inside. It makes sense, at any rate... why not put all of that functionality inside the one application? It seems like a good idea to me, at least. But doing it means I need time and motivation. e.e

Oh, and that Tricorder update will probably end up in the next F2 download, just to make sure people have the newer version even if the core doesn't get much of an update for a while.

Software Update: ReMapper 1.21
2012-08-13 22:18:42

Just some basic stuff fixed here, I'm sorry these got missed. Wall logging displays correctly and the out of bounds error with an empty regions list is fixed.
Go update here!

Some small progress here and there
2012-06-09 12:19:59

I was reminded that the Tricorder module's configuration-saving behavior is a little problematic if you use multiple alts at once; it only saves when you exit. It isn't released yet (sorry!) but last night I worked it out so that when you apply the Tricorder configuration in one copy of Furc, it automatically spreads to all of them. Neat!

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