I'm OOC (Out of Character) on Lothus more than not - he's not really a roleplay character. I often hang around the helpcenter on Naia Green, though quite often (when busy) somewhere quiet either on Naia or in the Imaginarium. Feel free to give me a shout, I have fun talking to people! Just be warned, I'm often busy when I'm on Lothus and may not be able to just freely chat - though I certainly enjoy doing so when I have the time! ^.^

Last updated: 11-08-2011

Portraits of Lothus Marque

Lothus Marque in his official form as a Phoenix. Painted by Recidavra/ESG! I'm still trying to figure out where I want this to go on my wall. :P

Take a look and see all the art I have of and for Lothus! ^.^

Furcadia Description

Even though this phoenix stands only 5' tall, the blue and white suit of armor he habitually wears looks nonetheless servicable. Consisting of overlapping plates covering his chest and flaring out below the belt, a golden band below his feathered throat, with bracers ostensibly strapped to his forearms, it seems to fit him like a glove. In defiance of all apparent logic, it shifts smoothly and silently with his every move.

Reference Description

This is here mostly for my own reference, and anybody who wants to try drawing him. XD It's not fully finalized, that may depend on what I decide later on or something.

Height: 5', not counting 6" feather crest.

Species: Anthro Phoenix

Feathers: The feathers on his body are black for the most part, fading towards a deep blue-green towards the top and back of his body. Additionally, his wings have white bars near their lower edge and the center.

Crest: Fades from black to a deep blue-green on the farthest away from the roots. (effectively, dark at the roots, fading to light at the end)

Eyes: Golden.

Physical: His arms are separate from his wings - technically he has six limbs. His arms are feathered from the shoulder, but scaled from elbow on. He does not usually wear gloves, showing the talons of his species' heritage instead.

His beak is hooked, similar to that of a bird of prey.

His wings are large, spreading up from his back almost in a classical angel fashion. Shading is lighter on the tops, fading into darkness as they travel downward.

He's moderately muscular, not stick thin but not seriously bulked up by any means.

Semi-Digitigrade legs, covered in feathers until the last foot or so, toes terminating in talons. Generally does not wear boots, but may in certain situations.

Tailfeathers fan out behind him, pointing downwards at an angle. (License can be taken here, but he does have visible tailfeathers regardless. :P)

Markings - These really aren't visible with his outfit but are here for completeness: He's got extremely faint tribal-tattoo like markings in his feathers across most of his body. (Exactly what shapes I haven't decided, yet. :P) In general, they're faintly opposite to the feathers they're on - dark feathers have slightly lighter patterns and vice versa.

Clothing: Lothus usually can be seen wearing a suit of blue and white high-tech armor, with a segmented chestplate resembling large scales the width of his breast and overlapping top to bottom, a golden front collar, and shoulder pauldrons. Armor guards are strapped along his forearms, though he does not wear a full shirt - the feathers and scales of his arm show easily through areas not directly covered by the suit.


Primary Reference: See image above! :D