The Furcadian Portrait Remapper is a PHP script designed specifically for portrait artists. It allows you to let people preview premade portraits in their own colors with reduced chance of portrait theft. This script does not (in its current form) allow one to directly purchase a portrait through an automatic system, however.




A running example of the PortMapper can be found on a friend's website, in her custom skinned variation. Why not take a look at her art while you're at it? :-P

Color Picker

Cost and Purchasing

Cost of the Portrait Remapper script is currently $20, with an additional $10 if you wish me to assist you in integrating the script into your current website's theme. This assistance is one-time only and does not extend to a later site redesign. Payment will be through Paypal, as I have no other easy way to receive at the moment.

To contact me for more information or to purchase a copy of the script, please email me at the information on the contact page. I apologize for not having a simpler contact form at the moment, but right now this is the best I can do.