These modules are for the newer Furnarchy2 proxy ONLY. Although I admit that Furnarchy3 is long broken on the newer versions of Furcadia, I still have the modules for that up on a separate page for historic purposes. You can find the link below. :-)

Dream Library
Dream Locator

For Developers
Furn2.h conversion

Furnarchy3 Modules (Very Obsolete)


Backpack Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.5.1 (Last updated 04-01-2009)

Backpack is a simple module that stores a basic inventory for each of your characters. It keeps track of items and how many of each one you have. Someone who wishes to see what a furre has in their Backpack may whisper "@backpack" to the furre. If the module is enabled, it will inform the user of the request, and then whisper the inventory in return.
This should be at least mildly useful for those people who like to roleplay and keep track of each individual item their character is carrying.

Version 1.5 adds the ability to add/remove multiples of an item at once! (@bpadd cheese=5)

Version 1.5.1 is a quickie that adds the support helpdesk link.

Backpack can be gotten HERE. (~104k, Installer)

Older Versions
V1.5 (~104K, Installer)
V1.4 (~104k, Installer)
V1.3 (~104k, Installer)
V1.2 (~101KiB, Installer)



Current Version: 1.6.4 (Last updated 9-25-2009)

For those of you who know the original Beekinish module, this software does much the same thing - managing the call queue for Beekins who handle such things. I felt Beekinish didn't quite do things the way I wanted, so wrote my own. Besides, it was something to do. :-) Consider it your channel Assistant, much like the Muppet Beaker was lab assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
Source may be released to the general public later if I feel like it. Feel free to ask though if you want to take a look at it yourself, 'tis a good possibility I'll share.

Features (in no particular order)

-Combines multiple calls into one entry
-Displays number of calls each
-Stores all supplied call reasons
-Call reason recap on claim
-AutoWhisper on claim
-Channel Monitor window
-Doubleclick/rightclick on other people on the channel, open Eggy windows. :)
-Customize fonts used in main displays according to user preferences.
-Partial integration with Eggy and Idle Hands
-Keeps some basic usage statistics
-Storage of multiple autowhispers, with option to choose one at random.
-Audio notifications!

Changes in latest version
+-Generic whisper window opening.
+-Handling of the Furcadia auto-AFK method.
+-Recap reasons (if turned on) are now included in whisper windows
if they're set to preopen! :P
+-Clicking on the version number/name in the Config window will now take you to the MEP website.
m-Button layout, as suggested by Blizz.

Get Beeker! (269KiB)

Download INI update! Extract this to the Beeker module folder! (11-26-2006) Not needed right now.

Note: There may still be a few glitches I wasn't able to find. If something fails to work for you - let me know! (Haven't bothered changing the screenshot yet. Not much difference anyway.)


DescExtension Thumbnail

Current version: 1.5.2 (Updated 04-01-2009)

DescExtension improves the maximum length of descriptions on Furcadia. The server handles quite a bit longer of a description than the client will send, and so this module overrides the client's attempt and substitutes its own. All data is, of course, stored per-character. V1.5.2 adds support for the newer Furnarchy's Documents folder handling, larger length max, and the support site link.

Get DescExtension! (97KiB, Installer)

Old Versions
DescExtension Version 1.4 (97KiB, Installer)
DescExtension Version 1.3 (101KiB, Installer)


Director Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.6.1 (Updated 04-01-2009)

Designed to work with the new API functions supplied by Furnarchy2.2, this module supplies a GUI-based method of managing your scripts, both running and not.

Version 1.6 adds hints for BUTTON and EDIT controls, as well as Command-on-enter for EDITs. Also, en/disable now shows and hides Director, a little more reasonable than completely ignoring it as before.

Version 1.6.1 adds the Support button.

More functionality will be coming at a later time.

Get it here! (254KiB, Installer)

Older Versions
V1.6 (254KiB, Installer)
V1.5.5 (254KiB, Installer)
V1.5 (249KiB, Installer)
V1.1 (244KiB, Installer)
V1.0 (244KiB, Installer)

Bonus dform package - extract these to your Furnarchy2 scripts folder! Contains forms for Bloom, DescMonster, Grabby, Nomad, and Valor.


Doorbell Thumbnail

Version 1.1.2 (Updated 04-01-2009)

Doorbell is a quickie remake of the original Furnarchy3 DingDong. It will ring on incoming whispers, joins, or summons. It supports autoenable and retargeting to a different sound effect, should you want to supply your own.

Version 1.1.2 updates the storage location and includes valid Regexes by default again.

Get it here! (111KiB, Installer)

Older versions
V1.0 (~70KiB, Installer)
V1.1 (111KiB, Installer)
V1.1.1 (111KiB, Installer)

Dream Library

DreamLib Thumb

Current version: 1.1.2 (Updated 04-01-2009)

For those who upload many different dreams, this module might just be useful. Press F12, and you can select which map file to upload. Choose and accept it, and Furcadia will automatically upload the chosen dream. Version 1.10 adds the ability to handle Control-Shift-T and finally pays attention to the enabled/disabled status of the module.

Version 1.1.1 fixes an issue with shortnames. :P This should help avoid stupid issues with dreams that have long names.

Version 1.1.2 adds the new support link!

Get Dream Library 1.1.2! (~97KiB, Installer)

Older versions

V1.1.1 (~97KiB, Installer)
V1.10 (~97KiB, Installer)
V1.07 (~97KiB, Installer)
V1.05 (~97KiB, Installer)
V1.01 (~96KiB, Installer)
V1.0 (~93KiB, Installer)

Dream Locator

Dreamloc Icon

Current Version: 1.0 (Updated 3-25-2007)

Dream Locator is a remake of the much used modules Gangsta Lovin' and G-Unit. It allows you to see what dreams are uploaded on the current map, jump into them instantly by double-clicking, as well as show you where on the map they are. In addition, there's a favorites list, as I've seen people ask for it more than once. :-) The compass-drawing code has been ported directly from Gangsta Lovin' itself and was created by Cluracan, not I.

NOTE: Tricorder is the evolution of this module. This is an old version provided if you only need what it offers.

Download here! (273KiB, installer)




Mindprobe Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.1.1 (Last updated 04-01-2009)

MindProbe is a clone of Tape's Dreamcatcher - it opens the folder of the current dream on command. If you're in a main map without its own patch, you'll be sent to the Furcadia folder. Quite useful for those assisting others in debugging their dreams.

Yeah, the icon didn't convert to the website well. So it's like this. It looks better in Furnarchy itself. Deal with it. :-P

Version 1.1.1 adds the support link!

Get it here! (95KiB, installer)

Older Versions
V1.1 (95KiB, Installer)
V1.0 (99KiB, installer)



Current Version: 1.1.1 (Last updated 04-01-2009)

Recall is a simple module for Furnarchy2 that saves and restores the position of your Furcadia client window.

Version 1.1 now uses the new F2 path functions and adds the ability to disable resizing the Furcadia window, requested by Amfortas.

There's not much more that can be said about this module. (Except perhaps a nod of thanks to Neverwinter Nights for the icon of the Recall Stone. ;-) )

Get it here! (97KiB, Installer)

Older Versions
Recall V1.1 (52KiB)
Recall V1.0 (52KiB)


Current version: 1.6.1 (Last updated: 04-01-2009)

Tricorder is a heavy evolution of Dream Locator, which in itself was an imitation of the original Gangsta Lovin' module by Cluracan. Tricorder does enough, now, that it just didn't seem quite right to stay under the old Dream Locator name. (But it did inherit the version number progression)


Unfortunately, nothing's perfect, there are a couple of known issues...

Dream Locator is still available if all you need is the dreamlist, but in general I'd suggest checking out the next best thing... Tricorder!

Verson 1.6 Changelog

Version 1.6.1 Changelog

Download Tricorder! (298kb, installer)

Older versions:
Tricorder 1.6 (298KiB, installer)
Tricorder 1.5 (298kb, installer)


Current version: 1.0.3 (Last updated 04-01-2009)

This module is basically Winampeeny for VLC Media Player, in brief. It doesn't work QUITE the same, but in general someone used to Winampeeny should have no trouble using this. :) Currently set up to work with the VLC 0.9.x series, using the QT4 window interface. (The default one)

Commissioned by 93705, thank him for letting me release this to the public! :)

Download VLCinator Here (106kb, installer)

Furn2.h Conversion

Last Updated: 03-15-2007

Be aware. This version is outdated and I need to get around to packing up my newer versions. It is, however, a good start to support and can be examined for information.

This is my personal conversion of the C++ Furn2.h header file to Pascal, specifically Borland's Delphi dialect. The conversion is reasonably complete, though it lacks the extra helper functions related to the colorcode. I just haven't gotten around to converting and working with them yet.

This package also includes a module framework, a full regular expression system (by Andrey V. Sorokin), as well as the entire source to the module Dream Library as an example. No licence is placed on these source files.. it'd be nice to have a tip of the hat my direction if you use these, but hardly a requirement.

The header conversion itself is confirmed to work with FreePascal, and this package also includes a version of the module framework set up specifically for FPC. (There's not much difference at all, but what there is is done.)

The header and module source are available here. (60KiB)