Current Version: 2.6.4
Last updated: 6-19-2013

Note: The help file is incomplete.
Also Note: PatchFusion does not at this time auto-generate or validate KitterSpeak animation script, though it preserves what exists and lets you add/remove it yourself.

Until recently, the standard Furcadia patch editors didn't really have good support for importing/exporting patches, making it a pain to copy objects from file to file. Even now, they're limited and something of a pain to use when you're combining many patches, or wish to reorganize one of your own. PatchFusion is designed for exactly this sort of work, helping you combine multiple patches or simply reorganize one with only a few clicks.
Don't forget to give credit in your dream to the artists who actually made the artwork!

If you find any bugs, PLEASE report them to me. The support page can be found here. Reports are best if they include the full error message and what you did that caused the problem. If I can't reproduce a glitch, it's really hard to develop a fix! ;-)

Please, also send any feature suggestions or commentary to me! I'd like to continue improving the software, and I'd like to know what people want. I'm also willing to accept a dragonscale or two on Furcadia if you feel like offering one of any type, or artwork, or something to show your appreciation. At least give me a wave and a hello! :-P Thank you. :)


Changes in last version

"One-Way Ticket"
+-Completely new custom icon by Disconcerting!
+-"Move" is back, although only for full objects. Intended for use with large patch reorganization!
+-Ability to save the Source grid to its loaded filename.
+-Save Source offers to delete the Source file if the grid is completely empty.
+-Duplicate Removal tool!
m-Refactored internals somewhat to be more flexible.
Remember to thank Benzen for the new patch management features!

"I'm sorry, Dave."
+-Checks for potential lost data when saving as FSH, warning you.
f-Fixed glitched GIF export with library shift.
m-Removed a couple of debugging statements that got left in by accident.
m-Changed back to an older version of the GIF library due to a bug in the provided version.

f-Major rewrite of status display to fix weird visual issue on Windows Vista+.
m-Also changed selected number display to 0-based. (Total number of objects is still exact!)

+-First version of automatic KS step calculator for Gif export.
m-Internal changes to use a different edition of the GIF libraries.


Local Download (2.6.4):
Download here. (Installer, 988kb)
Source: Not available at this point.

Old Versions
Version 2.6.3. (Installer, 868kb)
Version 2.6.2. (Installer, 705kb)
Version 2.6.1. (Installer, 702kb)
Version 2.6. (Installer, 702kb)
Version 2.5.7. (Installer, 669kb)
Version 2.5.6. (Installer, 669kb)
Version 2.5.5. (Installer, 669kb)
Version 2.5.0
. (Installer, 630kb)
Version 2.0.1 (Installer, 578kb)
Version 2.0.1 Source (368kb)
Version 2.0 (Installer, 578kb)
Version 2.0 Source (368kb)
Version 1.93 (Installer, 558kb)
Version 1.93 Source (368kb)
Version 1.91.1 (570kb)
Version 1.90
Version 1.90 Source
Version 1.105
Version 1.105 Source
Version 1.090
Version 1.090 Source


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