This page is where I've stored just about everything else on my site. Some of this I haven't created - the credit for everything goes to their respective authors. And, if for any reason you wish me to take something of this sort down - please email me from the contact page and let me know. Conversely, if you want me to put something here, email and ask. I just might. ^.^

Last Updated: 2-17-2011


Digimon Font

Creations of AbyssBlackrose

Digimon Font

This font was originally created in bitmap form by Jyx, imitating the Digimon series' title font. My own work involved minor tweaking and manually converting it to a vectorized TrueType font. (I don't get to work on fonts often, so hey! :D)

I will admit, it could use a bit more work - the oblique angle, and maybe a few spacing bits, but in general I think it looks pretty good.

Download the Digimon Font!

Creations of AbyssBlackrose

Spring Wedding Dream

Last updated: 1-04-2006

A really pretty little Furcadian dream, created for a wedding without using anything beyond the default patches. You can edit this, as long as you still give credit. :-)

Download Here (~1k)