Here's where my other Furcadia-related software projects end up. At first there was only one, the Dragonspeak Recovery. When I decided to make the wizard, though, I felt that these secondary projects needed another page to hold them.
You never know what the future might bring! ^.^


DragonSpeak Constructor
DragonSpeak Recovery
Draconic Magician
Additional Draconic Magician Scripts
Furcadia ReMapper
Furcadia MapSearch
Furcadia MapReplace
Furcadia Temporary File Clearing Utility
Repeat Generator

Furnarchy Modules have been moved.


First off, you've got to thank Poth, who commissioned this and then allowed me to post it free for everyone else to use. :-)

Chameleon automatically creates an animated portrait preview image from multiple colorcodes. You can generate them randomly or load from one or more character INI files. (Yes, you can select multiple at once to load!)

Version 1.0.1 fixes a stupid logic error, thanks to Arilla. :-)

Get it here:
Chameleon V1.0.1 (291KiB)

Dragonspeak Constructor

Dragonspeak Constructor is an alternate Dragonspeak editor I've been working on off and on for a few years. It's taken so long because I've variously rebuilt it completely, forgotten it, or simply not been interested in working on the thing at the time. And yes, it's heavily based on the layout of the old VisualDS editor. :)

A while back, I was convinced that I ought to pull it back out and actually release it, finally. It's still work in progress, there may be options visible that do not work (disabled) and some other things may have odd quirks. The line help datafile is far from complete (anyone want to help?) and likewise with the help file. Still, I present it for your interest and usage. :) Feel free to contact me about anything regarding it, (Bugs, features, simple commentary, whatever) it'd be nice to see how much interest exists.


Version 1.2.4

Version 1.2.5

Version 1.2.6

Download Dragonspeak Constructor! (865kb, installer)

DragonSpeak Recovery

Current Version: 1.022 (Last updated: 10-30-2004)
Current Database Version: 1.105 (Last updated: 07-23-2008)

DragonSpeak Recovery allows you to extract the DS code from the unencrypted dreams you've uploaded. It was created becuase I needed to recover a dream I'd made, uploaded, then somehow lost the files. Since I never encrypt my dreams, it worked. It reads the .DSB files in the Furcadia tmp folders and converts them into reuploadable Dragonspeak scripts.

By the way: Do not use this program to steal other people's dreams! I personally wouldn't care if you ripped mine apart to see how they worked, but other people probably would care. So please don't, as a rule of thumb.

Added in last program update:
Fixed a couple of minor bugs in the TXT support, and updated with all the new DS lines.

Last Line database update:
Few more lines that got forgotten.

Download the main app Here. (133k)
Database update: (Extract into same folder as program) Here. (5k)
Note: Database update should be done after downloading the main program. There were a few DS lines I forgot. Ooops.

Perhaps to come variable recognition and notation?
Oh, and yes, I know it looks almost like Notepad. o.o

Draconic Magician

Current version: 1.1 (Last updated 05-18-2006)

Draconic Magician is a dragonspeak wizard, to put it simply. There are others in existence, but I decided to make one for the fun of it anyway. The biggest difference between this and the other wizards I know of is that you can create (and distribute) new scripts to use with it. In other words, it's not limited to the - admittedly smallish - set of scripts that it comes with. Instructions on creating a new script are included in the readme file.

+-Default Value support
+-More scripts added to base
m-Few small items tweaked

You can get it here! (250k)

By the way, if you do NOT want your script distributed with Magician, please let me know and I'll remove it from the download package. I've attempted to give credit to the scripts I didn't make, but still, let me know if you have a complaint. All scripts not mine have been pulled from the Furcadia messageboards where they were freely posted for anyone.. but still, once again, if you don't want yours here, tell me and I will remove it!

I do have an additional few features possibly in mind, and I may or may not add them down the road. (Mostly depends on how bored I am that particular day :-P)

Additional Draconic Magician Scripts

Last updated: 05-18-2006




This script should supply many people's needs for a day/night + weather system. This script is not meant to mirror FST, rather it goes in day/night cycles every X hours. Also supports rain with possible thunder. Thunder at night is accompanied by a flash of brightness to simulate lightning.
Additionally, this includes a random noisemaker with separate sound sets for day and night for those of you who want this!
You will need a thunder sample, a three-frame rain animation, two blank walkable objects as placeholders, and a large darkness block object to use the script as it's meant to be used.
Syphor Knight
This package contains three scripts for use with Draconic Magician. Note that these are already inside the updated core download package - there's no need to download them again unless you want. (Or don't want to get the updated version)
These scripts consist of:
Owner Alert (Damadar) - Tracks one specified furre around the dream, emitting entry/leave messages only to them.

Localspecies Toggle (Syphor)
A simple, single command that turns a specified localspecies on and off.

Cuff - Teleport Friendly (Carrie, Darkhorse, others)
A cuffing script that handles cuffing through teleports, like doors and other things.
Syphor Knight
Carrie O' Kaye, Darkhorse Ptereid, others (full creds in file)

To use these, extract into Draconic Magician's Scripts folder. They should show in the list next time the program is run.

If you want any of your own Dragonspeak scripts to be supplied here for use with the Magician, just contact me! ^.^

Furcadia ReMapper

Remapper Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.21 (Last updated: 08-13-2012)

The Furcadia ReMapper is a tool for dreamweavers, allowing you to take a map and convert all instances of objects, floors, and walls to new types. This is a common issue when dealing with a patch reorganization... and it's amazingly tedious to go through the map and find all instances of the old object to replace with the new.

Version 1.09 adds logging, as requested by Gar.
Version 1.15 adds save/load, command line options, and some serious bugfixes, reported by Gerolkae. :)
Version 1.16 fixes some stupid glitches.
Version 1.17 fixes more stupid glitches. :(
Version 1.18 fixes even more stupid glitches!
Version 1.20 adds Regions and Effects.
Version 1.21 fixes some more stupid mistakes.

Originally requested by Thumpie Bunny Eve. :-)

Download Furcadia Remapper! (295kb)

Old Versions:
Version 1.09 (246kb)
Version 1.15 (247kb)
Version 1.16 (244kb)
Version 1.17 (244kb)
Version 1.18 (244kb)
Version 1.20 (295kb)


Furcadia MapSearch

No picture available; Console application.

MapSearch is a console-based (no GUI) utility to quickly return locations of objects, floors, and walls. The original idea was to provide something that could be scripted to work with another application, but it's still useful if you want a quick list of EVERYWHERE you use a given item. This is probably only for those of you willing to brave the strangeness of the command line interface. :P

Minor update - 1.0.1 fixes a minor overrun issue.
Version 1.0.3 fixes a stupid logic error.
Version 1.1.0 addes Regions/Effects.

Requested by Gerolkae of Starship Avalon. :)

Download MapSearch! (67kb)

Furcadia MapReplace

(Last updated: 07-31-2013)

This application allows you to do full-map replacements on ranges of objects or floors, to ranges of the same. They can be replaced sequentially or randomly from the replacement table.

This is technically a console application, but it includes a GUI frontend.

Development was paid for by Arden with the express intent that it be released free for all under an open source license. It and all its resources have been licenced for public use under the Mozilla Public License V2! Complete Delphi source is included in the provided install package; you will need 7-Zip or a compatible archival application to extract it.

Source now available on GitHub!

Last update: Fixed console redirection in GUI tool, fixed verbose mode number misreporting.

Download MapReplace! (439 KiB)

Furcadia Temporary File Clearing Utility

No picture available; Console application.

Version 1.2

This utility allows you to clear your Furcadia temporary files on either Windows XP or Windows Vista. Cleared files will be placed into the recycle bin for quick restoration if something goes wrong. Simple source code is provided for those interested, written in Codegear Delphi.

Now updated with more color for clarity and dynamic avatar support.

Download FurcTempClear! (43 KiB)
Download FurcTempClear's source code! (14 KiB)


Prismaticator Screenshot

Last Update: 09-13-2008

Prismaticator is a tool for all you portrait artists out there! It automates generating the portrait preview montage, as the screenshot above shows.Random colorcode generation, too!
Considering that this is to help you guys show off and sell your portraits, it'd be nice if you'd toss a small donation my way if this application helps you. :)

Version 1.2.0 finally adds FOX/FSH loading support! Do note it's limited to the first image in the file, though, I haven't found a good way to make a simple, integrated selector quite yet. Also has some internal tweaks and a new menuitem to take you to the website. :P

Version 1.2.5 fixes a logic error (thanks Arilla!) and adds the ability to save the output JPGs at different quality settings (three levels) and disable the watermark generation completely if you so choose.

Also, if you want an online Portrait previewer for your website, check out the Portrait Mapper.

Download Prismaticator V1.2.5! (376kb, zipped)

Older Versions:
Prismaticator V1.2.0 (376kb, zipped)
Prismaticator V1.1.0 (371kb, zipped)
Prismaticator V1.0.1 (371kb, zipped)

Repeat Generator

Current Version: 1.1 (Last updated 7-7-2008)

This program was made on request as an extended version of a web script. Because I took the quick and easy way, I admit that it's much larger than would have been expected for a program that does what it does. Oh well. Maybe if I get bored enough I'll redo it so it's smaller. :-)
In general, this program takes one or more number ranges, and some text. Certain markers in the text tell the program where to place the numbers each iteration. Useful for creating a large pile of similar dragonspeak, where the only differences are, say, an object number and a floor number.

Version 1.1 adds a couple of special case entries, "current line" and an infinite per-use incrementing value.

Get it here! (~220k)