(Note, this should be updated later... right now it was to move this information to a better spot)

You can find my various released projects here, as well as information on my main Furcadian characters and how to contact me. I will do programming, web, and/or dream work if asked, though terms may vary depending on the project and what I'm doing at the time.

I write a few small pieces of software as something of a hobby, and anymore quite a bit of it is Furcadia-related. I'll be posting most of that software here. Feel free to distribute it to anyone you like. Just don't ever take credit for my work, okay? After all, you wouldn't like it if I took credit for your hard work, now would you? :) By the way, if for any reason you want to host a mirror of my work, let me know and we'll talk about it. I don't really mind mirrors, but I like to have a better idea of how many people have been downloading my creations than mirrors tend to give me. :P Anyway, contact me about it and we'll work something out!

I'm always glad to get comments. ^.^ Feel free to catch me on Furcadia and give me a shout! :-D

Oh, and just to clear up a little occasional confusion, Syphor Knight and Lothus Marque are both me - there's only one player between the two. I go by either, which is why things are often marked as being from Syphor Knight/Lothus Marque. Then of course, there's the Merc name, originally created to work with Furnarchy modules. I don't use that one much at all anymore, but it's listed here to clear things up. I never did have the alt on Furcadia itself, though!