Last Updated: 01-08-2007

It's not something I spread around much for a while, but I finally decided it just didn't matter much. :-P At any rate, I have written a few modules for the Furcadia proxy Furnarchy. Yes, they are mine, Merc just happens to be the name I use when making Furnarchy modules. It was an early decision, and right now I don't see a reason to change... but they'll be distributed here as I create more. Still, apologies for the size of certain modules. At the moment I don't feel like dealing with dialog resources... and before anyone asks, I'm not going to use something like UPX. That would just compound the memory usage - especially if you run multiple copies.

NOTE: Currently my Furnarchy3 development is at a standstill with the advent of Furnarchy2. If requested, I may update one or more of these modules, but don't expect me to get at it on my own.


And for developers, the Delphi/Pascal Furn3.h conversion.


Beeker Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.4.50 (Last updated 12-16-2006)

For those of you who know the Beekinish module, this software does much the same thing - managing the call queue for Beekins who handle such things. I felt Beekinish didn't quite do things the way I wanted, so wrote my own. Besides, it was something to do. :-) Consider it your channel Assistant, much like the Muppet Beaker was lab assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
Source may be released to the general public later if I feel like it. Feel free to ask though if you want to take a look at it yourself, 'tis a good possibility I'll share.

Features (in no particular order)
-Combines multiple calls into one entry
-Displays number of calls each
-Stores all supplied call reasons
-Call reason recap on claim
-AutoWhisper on claim
-Customize fonts used in main displays according to user preferences.

Changes in latest version
+-Offduty-on-Idle handler.
+-Font change support for both Queue and Chat Monitor!
+-Credits tab in config dialog.
m-Changed the config dialog around somewhat, some things have moved around a bit.
m-Several other internal tweaks.

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Download INI update! Extract this to the Beeker module folder! (11-26-2006) Not needed right now.

Note: There may still be a few glitches I wasn't able to find. If something fails to work for you - let me know! (Haven't bothered changing the screenshot yet. Not much difference anyway.)


Backpack Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.1 (Last updated 04-05-2006)

Backpack is a simple module that carries a basic backpack inventory for each of your characters. It keeps track of items and how many of each you have. Someone who wishes to see what a furre has in their Backpack may whisper "@backpack" to the furre. If the module is active, it will inform the user of the request, and then whisper the inventory in return.
This should be at least mildly useful for those people who like to roleplay and keep track of each individual item their character is carrying.

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DescExtension Thumbnail

Current version: 1.1.6 (Updated 08-29-2006)

Sometimes the description length Furcadia supports just isn't quite enough... especially if you have one or more links within. This module gets around what's essentially a client limitation on data length and allows you to automatically use a decently longer description, to fit just that extra little bit in there. All data is stored per-character.

Changes in this release
+-Added length warning when Description is extremely large.
m-Modified description capture to try to play nicer with other modules
b-Fixed an extra CR/LF pair being added by mistake.

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IRCMe Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.0 (Last updated 04-05-2006)

IRCMe converts a couple of IRC commands to Furc equivilents. It supports two commands right now, although it has a couple of caveats thanks to the way Furcadia's client handles whispers. (Whispering someone named "Me" is something of an issue, though it is supported through use of the /msg command. However, how likely is that to happen? Not often, far as I can tell!) Note that these aren't supported inside of FT whisper windows - due to the way I had to catch the outgoing call.


Per-character AutoActivate
/me <action>
/msg <name> <message>

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Transporter Thumbnail

Current version: 1.1 (Updated 06-28-2006)

Transporter is a rather simple module that does AutoJoining and AutoSummoning. All preferences are stored separately for each character, and it handles black/whitelisting of certain furres. This module does not rely on the Furnarchy core ignore function.

New in V1.1! Permission-based listing - you can now set specific people to be summonable, joinable, both, or neither at will.

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Random Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.0 (Last updated 04-05-2006)

This thing was created on a whim, and all it does is store a list of quotes. You may click on the icon in the Furnarchy menu to get one, or when activated it will automatically send a randomly selected quote back to anyone who whispers you. Not exactly useful to my way of thinking, but you never know. It certainly can be fun. ^.^

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GoThReDuX Thumbnail

Current Version: 1.0 (Last updated 04-05-2006)

Takes any text you type and changes the case, causing "Hello" to appear as "HeLlO" or similar.

This is little more than a clone of Tape's GoTh module, this was the first module I created, and I did it mainly to test the Delphi header conversion. Still, someone might want it, so it's available here.
Note to developers: The source (and the header conversion) are available farther down on this page.

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Delphi/Pascal Furn3.h Conversion

Current Version: 1.0 (Last updated 04-05-2006)

This is a not-quite-complete conversion of the Furn3.h header file supplied by Cluracan to let others make Furnarchy modules. For all you Borland Delphi (Or any FreePascal programmers, likely - I doubt this uses anything special) users who want to create their own Furnarchy modules, this will do the trick! The only things that aren't converted are Cluracan's threading class and skin shader structure. These aren't essential to creating a good module, so I felt the tradeoff was acceptible. This package contains the source to GoThReDuX, as a way of getting started on your very own module!
As a side note, all of my modules were created using this. :-)

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