Last updated: 08-04-2005
Abaddon Salamander is Syphor's creation, pet, and familiar. Originally a joke that turned into something a little more. Don't you just love how that happens? ^.^

Abaddon Salamander's Portrait

Abaddon on the prowl for yet another sucker to pet it. ;-)
Abaddon Salamader
Artwork by Kittie, thank you!


Abaddon is a 2'2" long reptilian fire elemental - a salamander. Its body wreathed in flames, leathery body skin, with large scaly plates on both back and belly, a spiked frill around his neck. Orange eyes stare at you from within a triangular head, sharp teeth visible within its jaws. Moving quickly on four short legs with clawed feet, it usually appears dangerous at first glance, but those who know the creature know better. Though this isn't apparent at first viewing, Abaddon is unusual in that the elemental doesn't always radiate heat - it can sit on a pillow, grass, or someone's lap without causing discomfort, in fact, not really seeming to have much of a temperature at all, despite the visible flames.

The only thing Abaddon wears is a small pendant on a gold silk thread around its neck, supporting a finely worked pendant depicting a spaceship with the name "Abaddon" around it in flaming lettering, given to it by Aphrodite Twilight, now Existence.

Abaddon serves as Syphor Knight's pet, familiar, and close friend, though it may seem rather fickle at times because the creature will often take whichever lap is closest instead of going to its creators' lap.